“we shall never stop improving”

We are widely known as a company which produces unique and innovative materials, content, activities, specializing in digital, technology, innovation, and family lifestyle.

A great blend of experience, innovation, and courage for the new generation. We are a “team” whom strive to create creative content and entertainment. We constantly compete to improve our skills and mindsets to create innovative and up-to-date contents.

John RattanaverojFounder


Splash Interactive Company Limited by John Rattanaveroj (today joined by family members: Nuch, Justin, and Sky) began with a strong determination to bring people of Thailand an equal experience in innovation and technology. John’s background, now Splash Interactive, began by becoming an Internet Service Provider for the eastern area of Thailand under East Internet KSC. This engaged him with deep concerns and desire to bring technology closer and connected for the people of Thailand to receive equal knowledge. Thus later, Splash Interactive then began producing television programs that provided information technology content. Today with 22 years of experience, Splash continues to provide useful and innovative content whilst a total strategic PR and media planning.

Splash Interactive has further expanded its expertise by participating in technology and innovation events abroad including CES in United States of America, Mobile World Congress in Spain, Cebit in Germany, and CommunicaAsia, which is now Connect Asia 2018, in Singapore. This brings a unique perception for developing international related content that Splash Interactive has also brought to be localized in Thailand.

Splash Interactive up to date (2018) has produced more than 10 television programs, and has worked with many television stations including Channel 7, Channel 5, ITV, TNN, MCOT, and True. Splash Interactive has also gained reputation by working with government agencies and has been nominated to work on many national events with government agencies including Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, and more than 5 government agencies in various ministries in these past 10 years.


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